S$100.14. Slugger smartly used more of that mass to create a larger barrel. Seamless Decals: Louisville Slugger’s exclusive Seamless Decals are applied directly under the top coat, giving MLB Prime bats a pristine look. wood bat. This Brandon Phillips Bat features a C271 turning model with a black high gloss finish. The MLB125FT can be from any turn within the Louisville Slugger inventory. S$108.92 - S$192.47. Its slightly end-loaded construction means this bat puts more weight near the end of the barrel, so sluggers of every size can get more power on contact. The 2020 edition will be the 6th edition of the Prime. Used Kid Pitch (9YO-13YO) 2019 Louisville Slugger Composite Prime Bat (-10) 19 oz 29" Ballplayer15237. Tanner Tee 4.9 out of 5 stars 3,875. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime M110 Love The Moment Limited Edition Maple Wood Baseball Bat Swing for The Moment with this limited-edition M110 MLB Prime bat, created specifically for the partnership between Louisville Slugger and Autism Speaks. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime C271 Maple Wood Baseball Bat WPM271B16 For the past 130 years Louisville Slugger has been the number one wood bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. Black and white camo custom lizard skin tapejob. 4. Louisville Slugger Prime C271 Maple Wood Baseball Bat: WTLWPM27LA20It pays to keep thing simple when the game is on the line. Pros of Louisville Slugger 125 Prime Ash Wood Light Weight and Flexibility Only 3 left in stock. Continuing its longstanding leadership in innovative, high performance wood bats, Louisville Slugger has introduced its most advanced wood bat line to date, the all-new MLB PRIME. Pro Maple Wood Marucci Wood Pro Wood Bat Wood Bat 33 Wood Bat 30 Softball Wood Mizuno Classic Maple Bat 32 Wood Baseball Bat Marucci Pro Ash Bat Louisville Slugger Wood Bat Maple Bat 33 Rawlings Adirondack Big Stick Mizuno Bat Maple Composite Louisville Slugger Wood Wood Softball Bat Louisville Slugger M9 Wood Baseball Bats Bamboo Bat Louisville Slugger Powerized Louisville Slugger … HD Finished - MLB tested MLB approved. louisville slugger prime wood bat 33 In. The Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Veneer Maple Baseball Bat is the preferred turning model of MLB superstar, Brandon Phillips. As expected, the 2020 version is a two piece composite bat built with a balanced swing weight, big barrel and comes in a number of sizes in the BBCOR, USA and USSSA space. Bat retails at $130. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Jimenez Maple Wood Baseball Bat: WBL2438010Put some extra power on your swing with this Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Jimenez maple wood baseball bat. Louisville slugger wood baseball bats are available in sizes that are perfect for tee-ballers, little leaguers, high school athletes and adults. Used Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bat 34" MacDaddio. This, ultimately, produces a larger barrel than the 917 Prime and should be a welcome relief to those who found the 917 lacking in barrel size. Woot! Agreen1827. Kid Pitch (9YO-13YO) 2019 Composite Prime (-10) 18 oz 28" Bat. It has a strong grip, giving the player a steady powerful swing. ballgloves. The quality of the wood is high enough to endure months of continuous hard knocks. There is nothing quite like the crack of a wood bat on a baseball. $89.99. The 2018 Prime brings with it a new end cap and a new composite structure. $118.56 - $329.89. • 2020 MLB Prime bats all feature the new EXOPRO finish, which brings an unmatched level of hardness to the Louisville Slugger wood product, and a beautiful mirror-like appearance • Seamless Decals on the center and back brands blend into the bat almost as intricately as the grain itself Louisville Slugger Prime Wood 31 oz 34" caguilar. In comparison to other bats, the Louisville Slugger 125 Prime Ash Wood charts its own path as far as design and qualities go. This bat has a medium barrel which gives a great hitting zone on the bat. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime WBVM271-BG Veneer Maple Wood Baseball Bat. Louisville Slugger’s exclusive Seamless Decals are applied directly under the top coat, giving MLB Prime bats a pristine look.