Wooden shutter curtain mm 25

Wooden shutters are made in two sizes, 25 mm and 50 mm, and are available in a variety of 40 colors. One of the advantages of this type of shutter is its very beautiful appearance and also due to the fact that the primary material of its construction is natural wood, it makes the surroundings look warm and pleasant.

Dark wooden curtain in next to warm colors  Like crimson, they make a heavy and professional combination that is widely used in the decoration of offices or work rooms at home. A room with a table and chair set made of dark wood with a crimson coating next to curtains with a crimson background will surprise everyone with its charm. Woods with medium colors such as brown, chocolate and walnut, along with cold colors such as turquoise blue and green-blue, create fresh, gentle, relaxing combinations suitable for family environments, recreation and relaxation. Colors that evoke a wooden boat next to the shallow and blue sea waves. Today, wood, along with other artificial materials, still plays a significant role in home decoration. It fulfills that most aspects of creating its beauty are considered. But as it was said, the use of natural elements such as wood, in addition to the application that it can have by creating beauty in the home, because it is considered one of the natural elements, it can create a pleasant space, on the health of the body. And the human spirit is effective. However, wood, like other objects and materials that are used in home decoration, has properties and characteristics that it is not bad to know about it before you think about using it in the decoration of your residential apartment.

Product benefits:

  It has a rich collection of different colors and designs. Different sizes
  Curtains with extraordinary charm and suitable for use in home decoration, hotel, office room and...
  High quality raw materials produced with the most modern machines
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