Cid tells them the secret ingredient to creating Nethicite, and now, they're about to become ingredients to creating a piece of Deifacted Nethicite. Drabbles created from the FFXII server. Basch knuckles down to become Gabranth. Every week we get new prompts and these are just a few results from the prompts. A small smirk plays at his lips. Despite her trying her very best to focus on wildlife conservation, little to none emotional insight and perhaps casual sex, Petra finds her path constantly crossed by Archadia and her war, not to mention an unrequited love she’s been a victim of since Landis. “If I said I didn’t want to talk about it, would you let it go?” Balthier asks. DanT , Feb 7, 2018 You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. The Lady's Favour: Played with. Фф12, Баш/Бальфир, постканон, по заявке на фф-кинк с требованием гаремной эстетики;7. Maybe Shikari / Foebreaker for Balthier since the breaks are really handy for nerfing boses, and Basch has the lowest VIT and thus isn't as good for it (VIT is used in Foebreaker weapons alongside STR). Fran: bows, mystic armor, heavy on white/green/time magick. On the right side. In these preparations for peace between the nations that will hopefully last, a new political climate begins to appear and yet it seems like not every problem was solved in the last epic turn of events. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Final Fantasy XII 12. and, See my other "Final Fantasy VII" Doujinshi. Let's see Balthier-72 Ashe-68 Vaan-69 Fran-71 Penelo-70 Basch-72 So they were pretty much close together Didn't really use Vaan, Ashe nor Penelo a lot just because I perfered the other three as you can tell XD. Final Fantasy XII Balthier/Fran, Vaan/Penelo, Basch/Ashe Ghost World Seymour/Enid Honey & Clover Mayama/Ayumi, Morita/Hagumi House M.D House/Cuddy, House/Cuddy/Wilson Love Actually Mark/Juliet Nana Yasu/Nana, Nobu/Nana, Shin/Reira Naruto Sasuke/Naruto, Shikamaru/Temari, Hidan/Temari, Jiraya/Tsunade, Kiba/Hinata, Neji/Tenten Balthier's imprisoned and forced to make a confession of something for which he claims that he is innocent. Longing stares, soft touches, inside jokes between the two.When things would get too "real" for Balthier, he leaves in the middle of the night, leaving behind a note saying his goodbyes.Just when Basch thinks he's moved on, Balthier shows back up, stirring up all those feelings and emotions again. Basch – FF12 Best Job Combos. Balthier looks a little worn since they last saw each other, but whole. What will the future now hold for them? Balthier is charming, dashing, cunning and cynical. Desperation clings to you like a woman after lovemaking.' In retrospective, Square Enix members found Balthier as an appealing character and jokingly stated Vaan would need an entire decade to surpass him. As the ranger struggles to remain neutral and untouched and Archadia (and Vayne) looms over the heroes of this story, Balthier finds it increasingly hard to keep his past AND Basch out of his head. Please help me set up the ultimate 3 man perma party as possible in a tl;dr format. “The way the suns hitting it I suppose, that and the fact that I haven’t really spent that much time looking at it.” Balthier says with the cock of his head. Balthier, an ex-Archadian Judge, turned rogue after seeing his father, Dr. Cid, apparently lose his mind due to the nethicites. Please consider turning it on! When posting fanfiction or fanart, please use an lj-cut, regardless of length. Balthier - As with Basch above, combo speed suggests a melee Job. When an Archadian Judge catches wind of what has happened, he is determined to find out the truth. Or you could look up how to get breaks onto other jobs via Espers. Just your judgment if you're not sure of the word count. Other games have that 'raid Necrohol 25 percent into the game' thing? He folds the book closed at last, as if he’s only just remembered its presence. Balthier: guns/handbombs, light armor, heavy on technicks and some light spellcasting (arcane/time primarily). He sits easily but wears looser clothes, a higher collar still, and there’s something at the eyes that suggests—to Basch at least—that the interceding year since last they met has not been entirely spent for dramatic effect. Please place anything over five hundred words underneath an LJ-cut. Basch x Balthier. Basch was supposed to be the protagonist however they changed it partly because of his age figuring audiences would want a younger protagonist seeing Basch is 36 in FFXII but also because everyone else is of high status or wealth. Balthier can't help admire Basch's past through his scars. Nothing special, just an experiment to see Basch and Balthier beating each other to death without any weapons XD. These stories are for people with very messed up fetishes! You can take advantage of his speed by taking a job that can acquire a lot of action shortenings. Basch: 1-hander swords & shield, will move to greatswords when available, heavy armor, white magic. From his appearance, one might think that Balthier could use guns well. Then, one night in Archades, a mysterious visitor appears at the window of the would-be Judge. Two, maybe three? Balthier (assaillant) Attaquer plus de 300 fois Fran (psalmodieur) Utiliser la magie plus de 200 fois Basch (gladiateur) Vaincre plus de 500 ennemis Vayne (tacticien) Utiliser les techniques plus de 100 fois Reks (membre illustre) Avoir plus de 500 000 points de clan Though all three were initially suspicious of him (especially Vaan, who blamed him for Reks's death), Basch protested his innocence and told them about his twin. Basch is forced to watch his homeland fell to the Archadian invasion, leaving his sick mother and twin brother, Gabranth. Balthier leans forward, 'I can tell you came here to forget. Characters. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:The only game where TREES put you in Full Nelsons! Basch mutters, and flinches under the weight of his newly acquired armor shifting across his back. I'm more or less ignoring Revenant Wings. His story convinces his old friend little, so Vossler chooses to test Basch by giving him a task. Balthier quickly takes a shine to Vaan and takes him under his wing, showing him the ropes of sky piracy and his aviaton know how and while Basch is quite happy to work with him, he still questions Balthier's motives before his past is revealed. Bhujerba's thin air makes for a quick drunk, but not a quick fuck. Shounen-Ai Doujinshi. This is the lead-in to the next mini-game which involves traveling around the Skycity of Bhujerba and “testifying” close to citizens in order to build notoriety. Balthier is as blatant of a Han Solo homage as it gets! The story follows both Balthier’s quest from his troubled teenage years to finding his own way, and the travels of a lonely woman ranger from Archades, Petra. Фф12, Бальфир и Баш на выходе из подземелий Нальбины;5. He can hold a candle to Basch and Balthier in terms of combo strength. Something still lingers where Venat began... Set after the game and progressing over several year's time. My first FF12 video. The sticky is terrible and completely out of date. Now to get out of the rain. They are not ordinary people Ashe is a Princess, Balthier is originally from a wealthy family in Arcadia. Драбблы по разнообразным финалкам, преимущественно слешные и низкорейтинговые. I was really pleased with how well it turned out. Despite Basch being tied for worst MAG, he might be best as your Tmb/Uhl, as both its weapons are STR-only and MAG doesn't matter for buff time spells like Haste and Reflect. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), “You’ve caused a scandal,” Basch says, reaching up to begin the arduous process of undoing his armor. Balthier - White Mage Ashe - Bushi Penelo - Foebreaker Vaan - Monk Fran - Red Battlemage Basch - Archer I settled on these jobs between a combination of utility and personal aesthetics. “And you,” Balthier says, warmly. What are the best license roles for the characters. Balthier and Basch had a history of dancing around each other. Фф15, постканон, джен;2. Basch, Vaan, Balthier, and Fran join together to travel to the sky-city Bhujerba in an attempt to rescue the kidnapped Penelo. She's the support caster and a ranged combatant the rest of the time. During their attempt to escape Nalbina Dungeon, Vaan, Balthier, and Fran discovered Basch chained in a cage suspended from the ceiling. No surprises here. It's a little unfortunate for Fran as well, because Vaan fits into a lot of job combinations, and is better than her in every area. 'Lying is a pirate's privilege, not a knight's.' Well, Board is not busy enough to say "bump", but I am giving this one more try. He can also go toe-to-toe with Ashe and Penelo in casting spells. Фф15, маленький Ноктис;3. While the story is told from Vaan's perspective, Balthier certainly seems to think it is his story, referring to himself as "the leading man." Basch is calm and cool, I like his style. Shi/Foe won't use MAG hardly at all, and his weapons using SPD and VIT, so Balthier is a good pick (best SPD and decent VIT); Basch has the worst VIT by far. “Of course,” Basch says, voice steady as always, as if he hadn’t watched Balthier in the throes of a flashback. Balthier is like that as well and he is the only one with a real backstory, so I like them both pretty much the same. Fran sets up a plot to end Balthier's pining. Basch has high physical attack, defense and HP stats, ... Balthier has a fast combo animation with high combo weapons as well as high attack and top tier speed and it would be a shame to let that go to waste by sticking him … Warning: Very graphic! Some will have ships and will be marked accordingly others will be general and exploring characters, though probably mostly from Basch's POV since that's a little easier for me to write. Early morning love making an added bonus Balthier will never complain about. Balthier sees little problem with either, and orders himself a double. He sits easily but wears looser clothes, a higher collar still, and there’s something at the eyes that suggests—to Basch at least—that the interceding year since last they met has not been entirely spent for dramatic effect. "You don't hide your injuries well," Balthier tells Basch, because if the man is going to walk with them and fight the least he could do is be honest about his injuries. Braids. Balthier, the roguish sky pirate, also had an important part to play. Son of a Submariner! Basch - High combo speed points towards melee-based Jobs - think Bushi, Uhlan or Monk. However, his CT takes a lot longer than Basch. Regardless, Balthier can't help but enjoy the ghost touches of fantasy Basch. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In Japanese, Balthier, Ashe and Basch use an older, more formal form of Japanese than Vaan and Penelo. Knight Knave And Squire: The knave to Basch's knight and Vaan's squire. A shame Fran had went off with Vaun to scout further into the tunnels. Serious Love Story about Basch and Balthier. Balthier is the fastest character in the game. Balthier, Ashe, featuring Basch, Fran, and the Feddik River. Balthier reappears on the scene after a year in absentia, on the same day his father's research notes are stolen from Draklor Laboratories. While getting drunk together at a pub in Archades, Basch queries how Balthier came to know Jules. Basch, along with Balthier and Ashe, speaks in formalized English in contrast to Vaan and Penelo's more casual style. Balthier looks a little worn since they last saw each other, but whole. Mutton, Fresh Mutton! Final Fantasy XII - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,714 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 7 - Published: 6/19/2008 - Complete No Longer a Princess by ShadesxofxPurple reviews “Though I can hardly say I approve of your choice in a new profession.”. How had he become a Judge all those years ago? 1. Фф6, Эдгар/сладости, в вуайеризме замечены Сабин и Сетцер; No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (21), Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types (1), Vossler York Azelas/Basch fon Ronsenburg (2), Vossler York Azelas/Gabranth | Noah fon Ronsenburg (2), Balthier/Gabranth | Noah fon Ronsenburg (2), How to Make your Idiot Partner-in-Crime to Confess to his Crush by Fran, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, giza plains are terrible during rainy season, Edgar Roni Figaro/Macías "Mash" Rene Figaro | Edgar Roni Figaro/Sabin Rene Figaro, Macías "Mash" Rene Figaro | Sabin Rene Figaro, consensually because Bach is unbelievable. #5. “And you,” Balthier … Balthier was also meant to appear in another Final Fantasy XII game where the character would appear within the game's climax to assist its protagonists, Ashe and Basch, but the game was cancelled. Two years after the end of their big adventure, Balthier finds himself back in Archades - and finally back with Basch. Basch and Balthier were captured by the evil Dr. Cid, and now they're strapped down naked. Foebreaker is a tank class that stands at the front, as they block all the damage, allowing the other members of the team to inflict damage to their enemies from the back lines. “Let me put braids in it, would you?”, “Did I stutter? Also, a rating and spoiler warnings if … She would just heal the idiot rather than start a dialogue first. Basch decided the best thing to do was to take Ashe to bed; she would probably remember nothing of that night, and he figured that was for the best. Pairing (Coupling): Basch fon Ronsenburg x Balthier. Despite this, he is far from selfish, proving himse… Basch is the better Monk, and Balthier is as good as a Knight. Work Search: Basch supports him, explaining that Reks was just the witness they needed. Combo-capable weapon users: Vaan, Balthier & Basch The late game in FF12 in particular is focused on combo damage using the particularly powerful Genji Gloves items - and you only get two of these. "I am fine." Balthier, Ashe, and Penelo were my main team (because they're my three favorite characters, no other reason), and Vaan, Fran, and Basch were my support team. Thank you! He lifted her into his arms, then turned to Fran. Basch Balthier I generally had Basch casting Berserk on himself and the other two augmenting and healing him while he rampaged with the Masamune/Tournesol/Wyrmhero Blade. Фф12, Баш/Бальфир, экс Ноа/Бальфир;6. They’d look dashing on you.”. Balthier hates the feeling of wet clothes and footwear. Final Fantasy XII is a fantasy role-playing video game for the Playstation 2.It was released in 2006 by Square Enix.. Balthier: White Mage/Machinist Basch: Time Mage/Uhlan Ashe: Knight/Bushi Penelo: Black Mage/Monk Vaan: Shikari/Breaker Slow animations can go floop the shoop for all I care! After the events of the Sky Fortress Bahamut, Basch thinks Balthier and Fran are dead. Basch finds the entire situation mildly amusing. Fantasies can be incredibly disappointing when they're just that, a fantasy. She was to keep an eye on Balthier and make sure he didn't do anything reckless or … ~ Fanfiction or fanart for any pairings other than Balthier/Basch. Фф10, молодой Аурон и религия;4. My prefered cookie cutter three characters is, Question about character levels and items. Ongoing work of some size. Basch, Balthier and Vaan will attempt to raise a clamor in the city and attempt to spread the word that Basch is still alive. Mr. Matt. The only character worth anything in XII is Balthier, imo. Meow Meow, Choco Chow. “But it is good to see you well.”. Yes. Balthier and Basch share a drink and enjoy a nice chat in Balfonheim after the events of Draklor Laboratory. A Swiss Army Knife of a Fighter He comes across as cocky and self-centered but his trust in Fran is complete. XD I don't mind Ashe, Basch and Fran too much, if I'm honest, but Vaan and Penelo are just... bad. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.