athletes and uniform guidelines are as follows: Jumpers must be solid navy, khaki or navy/red plaid, with a pleated front in uniform style and material. Yes. The only school in Morocco offering the IB Diploma, AP Courses, and an American Diploma recognized by the Moroccan government. GEMS Rewards. All school activities, curricular and extracurricular in the classroom and on the playing field, must be congruent with the school’s stated goals and objectives established for the intellectual, physical, social and moral development of its students. All students are required to purchase at least one uniform shirt with the GWA logo for easy identification on field trips and to represent school pride. Before your order is dispatched, our outsourced courier agent will send a text message/call to confirm the delivery date and time. Due to security issues, we will refrain from obtaining credit card information from you over the phone. As part of the social distancing measure, only 1 person at a time in the store is allowed. These students must carry with them at all times a signed note from the Divisional office. This will not be possible. Ministry of Education requires students to wear a school uniform each day. IV. Columbus, OH 43204 Ideal for an event at school or a formal outing with the family, your little ones will love our collection of button-down shirts, sweatshirts, plaid shirts, v-neck shirts and zip-up hoodies. Shoes should be appropriate for school, please do not allow your student to wear fancy dress or high-heeled shoes. Appointments can be made with the vendor for families to visit the shop to purchase items directly. A lost and found is maintained near the Nurse's Office. Yes, all products offered online are also available in the store. Alternatively, online orders can be made through the website. GWA is an American International School serving Nursery - High School students from over 30 different countries. Students may wear GWA spirit wear shirts with jeans (no holes or tears). Once registered you will be able to use the E-Store and make your purchases. Students waiting for delivery of a new or replacement uniform item will attend school in clothing which matches as closely as possible with the GEMS school uniform. Black school shoes are mandatory for all students. Off-shore locations including Jurong Island, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Ubin, etc. Child Safeguarding and Protection. Abdelhadi Boutaleb (ex km 5.6 Route d'Azemmour). UAE National Agenda. All Rights Reserved. Gwa-jam is a jumper that is usually worn by members of the same major of South Korean universities. As such, "Free Dress” days will be very infrequent and designated by school administration. The school uniform is required of all students first grade through High School to help foster a sense of discipline and modesty in school dress. Alternatively, you can refer to the Size Chart online. It is supplied by Famous School Brands and will be available in store (based in the centre of Swindon) or online (click to go to Store site). Items with GWA logo must be purchased from the following sources: GWA Dawg Shop, Lands’ End School Uniform division and S’ool Stuff, AND meet the uniform requirements detailed in the grid on the next page. Uniform clothing is required for all grades, K4-12th. Students are required to wear bottoms issued by the school. The GEMS World Academy uniform is made of high qu… GWA Uniform Shirts should be worn at LEAST once a week to show ‘school spirit.’ Teachers are to be familiar with and abide by the GWA uniform guidelines found in both the Employee and Student Handbook and adhere to the same school uniform criteria the students are held to in terms of their own dress (no cargo pants, etc).