Mention halal or jhatka: EDMC asks east Delhi food outlets to specify type of meat on boards BJP-ruled EDMC’s standing committee chairman Satyapal said, “There are several Hindus who do not eat halal meat. Non Muslims might be desirous to consume only Jhatka meat because of the fact that Halal is essentially ritualized meat. Kodak HD LED TVs has joined hands with Flipkart for the 'Electronics Sale' and on Wednesday announced deals on the recently launched bezel less Kodak CA … Protesters assembled at Iqbal Maidan and launched a signature campaign demanding a "KFC-free India". … In India Halal is consumed only by Muslims who constitute only 13% of the population. Can a hindu eat halal? Confirmation by – Customers Choice to decide. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza - Official Channel 126,825 views. You're actually forcing Hindus to consume Halal which is against their religion. they hv 3 options :– 1) serve both halal & jhatka. an amritdhari Sikh can get excommunicated for eating halal and not for eating jhatka. Hotels like Taj also do the same. Part of the Islamic law that dictates preparation of meat requires that the animal be treated well during its life and during the slaughtering process. Do kfc, dominos, mcdonalds sell halal meat in india? The majority 80% of the population Hindus consume Jhatka and Not Halal. Sad to note that many muslim friends justify the halal method, if we compare bit by bit killing or at one cut? It is right to point that this is a discussion on which Halal or Jatka method of killing the animal is less harmful to human being. Religious discrimination. - … @kfc has to address the grievances of 80% of their customers in #India who don't prefer #HalalChicken . 1 0. mitul goel. Though Muslims claim that KFC has been serving jhatka chicken or meat in the name of halal chicken, Hindus have joined the protests to save cows. Thought about this since seeing that racism local KFC is trialling a halal run and they have replaced all meat with halal meat. 1 decade ago. A section of Muslims and Hindus in Bhopal have come together to protest against global fast food chain KFC accusing it of hurting their religious sentiments. Zabiha is when you slaughter the animal and you have to be muslim and you have to say, in the name of allah, and slaughter it. Not consuming Halal meat or any other specific kind of meat for that matter is … These companies don't do this. Anonymous. 2) serve only vegetarian. The animal is dead in less than a second unless the butcher is inexperienced or otherwise botches it. 1 decade ago. The halal food industry is a product of the “random convergence of neo-fundamentalism and neo-liberalism” during the early 1980s. I've always called out @KFC_India for their obsession with #Halal meat. eRumor made by – Internet and social media. Traditionally, animals raised for halal meat are also taken care of better than animals raised on factory farms. ie. Other than halal (not counting the modern industrial ways of slaughter), you have jhatka, which is the Sikh accepted way of animal slaughter. Well, Halal and Jhatka are methods of slaughtering animals for consumption in two different communities. I will eat Halal meat (chicken only mostly) but I would surely prefer Jhatka. Restaurants must specify if meat is halal or jhatka, says South Delhi civic body; Mumbai’s Colaba before it became posh … Killing of an animal is completely prohibited in Sikhism - whether it is Halaal Or Jhatka. When we go to purchase at KFC Ludhiana i ask about the Chicken. Recently, a Twitter user asked McDonalds India whether restaurants in India have a halal certificate. KFC are introducing halal chicken in some of their restaurants to placate the local muslims. Is KFC chicken halal? If you wish to make a comment please do so on this page. We are to tolerate them eating beef but they will not eat Jhatka. The halal food industry is a product of the “random convergence of neo-fundamentalism and neo-liberalism” during the early 1980s. 3) shut shop if 1 & 2 not possible. Halal food is about capturing the food supply chain. It is necessary to bring some truth on bacteria and virus infection in these two methods, that will speak. We have to agree, their … they are concerned about losing less than 20% muslims assuming that hindus may not object to halal meat whereas muslims are opposed to jhatka meat. But silently all over the India, halal meat is enforced due to intolerance of Muslims to have non halal meat. Jhatka only. Secondly, the bigger issue is 'Halal'' or ritually sacrificed meat. Anonymous. I live at Malerkotla Punjab. Ghanem cites a 1978 study relying on EEG measurements led by Wilhelm Schulze of the University of Hanover, Germany, apparently concluding that halal … While Muslims follow the practice of Halal, the Sikh community prefers Jhatka. The decision has been taken to ensure that their religious sentiments are not hurt.” Also its time for customers to be upright and demand #jhatka meat. Kfc and mac does not sell beef or pork respecting religious sentiments. But there is a HALAL KFC:] Many muslims still eat from there because of many reasons. Does it matter to a meat eating hindu how the meat is cut. ... Later it was discovered that many fast food chains like KFC and Nandos were secretly Halal. Being a Sikh, I don't eat halal as it's forbidden for us (strict Sikhs do not eat meat, but those who do eat meat where the animal has suffered as little as possible). 0 0. 1 decade ago. ... Later it was discovered that many fast food chains like KFC and Nandos were secretly Halal. I got to know the difference between halal and jhatka as one of my sikh friend told me that they dont eat a chicken killed in a muslim way (halal). Halal chicken or meat, which is obtained by making a deep cut on the neck of a bird or animal from which blood is drained out completely, is considered healthier. 5 Answers. Halal is religious discrimination and … And at the end of the day, every individual enjoys certain basic liberties. Jhatka is religiously sanctioned for Dharmics (Hindus, Sikhs etc.). I am a hindu, and I usually dont eat chicken, meat etc. eRumor: KFC serving non halal chicken or Jhatka Chicken and using fake Halal certificates. Answer Save. ... (called Jhatka in India) where the animal’s head is cut in a single swift stroke. Lets not make an issue out of everything. Any kind of meat from Burger King, KFC, and McDonalds all have haram meat because of Zabiha. My question is that is the KFC chicken is Halal Or Haram. Please stop. The halal and jhatka meat row has now seemed to hit McDonalds India now. it is fine but if u like eating jhatka, i am telling you will enjoy it like anything. 0 0. maddy. While this may mcdonalds , kfc etc follow a wrong formulae using halal . Jhatka comprises beheading the animal in a single stroke. This is the meat that Akaal takht specifically defines as bujjar kurehit. I saw some other Muslims are purchasing too. but from past few months I started trying non veg food. TAGS: boycott mcdonalds, #BoycottMcDonalds, jhatka vs halal meat Eat not of (meats) On which Allah’s name Hath not been pronounced: If were a muslim I would interpret that stanza as reminding me to say grace or be grateful for what I eat even couldn't they just pronounce Allah before eating a meal. halal meat all these years as few ask before digging into the food at an eatery about the way in which chicken or mutton served there was slaughtered. Favourite answer. ... Promote awareness of Jhatka and demand Jhatka meat as a choice at all restaurants and eateries; Grow up! An official spokesperson at KFC admitted, “Yes, we serve halal because that is our global mandate.” But KFC is not the only joint serving halal. Is the chicken served in the west delhi outlet of KFC halal or jhatka?? its jhatka. They answered me that the chicken is Halal. The proposal is awaiting final approval. Gupta warned: “If Mcdonald’s doesn’t change its policy, and start serving both halal and jhatka in its outlets across India, soon our men will protest against the food chain on streets.” One stroke of sword or axe to the head. Based on sheer science, Halal meat is not superior to Jhatka meat. Jhatka is the closest to humane slaughter. In fact, Jhatka is safer. (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) - Duration: 9:13. There are some very good reasons around jhatka compared to halal and most of these are scientific as well as moral. Though Muslims claim that KFC has been serving jhatka chicken or meat in the name of halal chicken, Hindus have joined the protests to save cows. Relevance. Quran: Surah 6:121. — ARNAB CHATTERJEE (@ARNAB_SUSPRO) August 23, 2019 Anam Ibrahim, campaign leader, claimed that 50,112 signatures have already been collected. Hotels and restaurants are also aware that customers don’t always try to know if the non-vegetarian food there is of the halal or jhatka variety.