I couldn't wait to get the Tamiya Toyota 4x4 Hilux Bruiser back out on the trail. After keeping it completely under wraps from start to finish, Tamiya revealed the Tamiya Bruiser (RN36) (58519) at the 2012 Nuremberg Toy Fair. TamiyaClub is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated to or endorsed by Tamiya Inc or any of it's subsidiaries. So check out these videos that feature Stock Tamiya Bruisers which we helped build and run for the movies Tamiya Bruiser / Mountaineer Transmission service manual : Ko-ping Hu,Version 1.03 First published October 5, 1999 Revised April 15, 2003 TAMIYA Ni.Cd MINI PACK The Tamiya Mini Pack 6V Ni-Cd battery is an ideal substitute for your existing receiver battery. Luckily the Hobby Company (Tamiya UK) wanted some help putting a group of Tamiya Bruisers up to a range of stunts to help promote the new 2017 land Cruiser. 50038 TOOL SET. Lost was the Hilux's front wheel manual hub-locking system, replaced by one-way bearings in each front hum; Wheels are 3-piece chromed plastic. All parts according to Tamiya Guide books, Tamiya manuals and Tamiya parts listings. 50025 DOUBLE SIDED SERVO TAPE SET. Manual for 58048 Tamiya Bruiser. Hobbyists kept pressuring Tamiya to re-release the classic. This is a list of reissues of the Toyota 4x4 Pick Up Bruiser. Please see details about the reissues by clicking the links below. According to Tamiya, fans were asking for a re-release of the Bruiser … My HG P407 is in the process of going through a transformation. The Bruiser is today a highly sought-after 3spd truck! 50036 BALL BEARING SET. Finally, Tamiya relented. Tamiya Bruiser & Mountaineer. In this video, I review the dirt and rock climbing abilities of my recently modified HG P407 (Tamiya Bruiser Clone / 타미야 브루져 카피). Tamiya ventured into the modeling business in 1948, with a scale wooden ship model kit. Tamiya 58288 Ferrari F2001/Williams FW24/F201, 9805843 Damper Shaft (Short, 2Pc) TamiyaClub is a community site for collectors of vintage and contemporary Tamiya models. The Hilux's 4000mAh battery is a useful Bruiser accessory, providing 30-40 mins running time. Your Price: $29.99 In stock 12mm Hex conversion kit for Tamiya Bruiser 2012. Since then, Tamiya has been striving to offer merchandise that can truly be called "First in Quality Around the World." Cookies are required to make this site work. 5 digit Spare Parts. Your Price: $34.99 In stock Truescale Series Bruiser Beadlock Wheels. Your email has been successfully added to the list. Thank you for signing up! If you continue to use this site you permit us to use cookies. Products (Total Items: 11 ) Sort by: Soft Steel Leaf Spring for Trail Finder 2.