Patterned aluminum shutter curtain (Ondulette)

Dari 9 undulate shutter curtain is a unique design, each design is inspired by nature, easy maintenance and cleaning is one of the features of aluminum curtain, among other advantages of this shutter is a wide variety of colors. The price is reasonable and it is also very easy to control the ambient light. It is very suitable for any decoration light with unique color variations and has high durability and resistant material.

If you are looking for curtains with a reasonable and attractive price, the best choice is patterned aluminum curtains, the charm of the designs and happy colors will bring you special beauty.

Aluminum shutter curtain designs:

- wave plan  (wave)

- Cube design

- Diamond (lozi)

- Kite  (Kite)

 - Fishbone

- Arc  (bow)

- Ocean  (Ocean)

- Desert (Biyayan)

- Valley 

Product benefits:

  It has a rich collection of different colors and designs
   Different sizes
  Curtain suitable for use in home decoration, hotel, office room, etc.
  High quality raw materials and produced with the most modern machines
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