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50 mm wooden blinds

50 mil wooden shutters are suitable for small and large windows and can be made into three different models 1- Metal channel with braided strip 2- Metal channel with wide strip 3- Classic system with all wooden channel and wide strip In the two models of the metal channel of the 50-mil wooden shutter, a wooden inscription of the same color as the curtain is installed on the curtain channel.

Sun screen curtain

The sunscreen curtain significantly prevents the penetration of sunlight and its harm. This type of curtain was known as Sun Screen, whose fabric consists of glass fibers and PVC. In the shade of the fibers used in its fabric, especially the glass fibers, it significantly prevents the penetration of UV rays and heat from the sun. It reduces the heat and considering that it directs the necessary light inside, you don't need to turn on the lamp in the place where this curtain is used.

Patterned aluminum shutter curtain (Ondulette)

Dari 9 undulate shutter curtain is a unique design, each design is inspired by nature, easy maintenance and cleaning is one of the features of aluminum curtain, among other advantages of this shutter is a wide variety of colors. The price is reasonable and it is also very easy to control the ambient light. It is very suitable for any decoration light with unique color variations and has high durability and resistant material.

aluminum blind , price and Application

Horizontal shutter aluminum folding up has aluminum blades with very high flexibility with various designs. Different types of aluminum blind due to its technical nature and high ability to fully control incoming light, another advantage of this curtain is the variety of colors. In some types of aluminum shutters, it is possible to completely darken your environment. Aluminum shutters are usually 25mm, 16mm and 50mm wide, ideal for controlling sunlight and maintaining privacy. Among the advantages of different types of shutters, the following can be mentioned: durability and long life with a variety of designs and colors according to the type of blades...

Make the windows spectacular by choosing the right curtain

Curtains are one of the most important parts of home decoration and choosing the right fabric, design and color of curtains is very important. A suitable curtain can have a great effect on making the house look more beautiful....

Do you need a smart home?

We can now add a remote control system using the SOMFY engine for all existing curtains produced on the site. Our experts are ready to help you to design and launch a curtain that is different from what you imagine. By using the SOMFY lifting motor, the range of beauty, privacy and utility of your curtains will be much more. Now this motor is one of the best shutter motors in the world. Imagine having a roller shutter curtain installed in your bedroom or living room and you can easily adjust the light in the room by remote control, the smart motor of the SOMFY shutter curtain will bring you the pleasure of happy moments. This system has a valid...