50 mm wooden blinds

50 mil wooden shutters are suitable for small and large windows and can be made into three different models 1- Metal channel with braided strip 2- Metal channel with wide strip 3- Classic system with all wooden channel and wide strip In the two models of the metal channel of the 50-mil wooden shutter, a wooden inscription of the same color as the curtain is installed on the curtain channel.

The interesting thing about sunway wooden shutters is that the wood slats have a natural texture and are not processed. The advantages of 50 mil wooden shutters: It makes the environment look warm and modern and the possibility of lighting the shade without opening and folding the curtain and the durability and longevity of the wooden slats are among the advantages of wooden shutters, and its disadvantages can be pointed out that if If the dimensions of the curtain are large and wide, it will be difficult to raise and lower the curtain. Today, wood, along with other artificial materials, still plays a significant role in home decoration, and most aspects of its beauty are considered. But as it was said, the use of natural elements such as wood, in addition to the application that it can have by creating beauty in the home, because it is considered one of the natural elements, it can be effective in creating a pleasant space, on the health of the human body and soul. However, wood, like other objects and materials used in home decoration, has properties and characteristics that it is not bad to know about it before you think about using it in the decoration of your residential apartment.

Product benefits:

  It has a rich collection of different colors and designs. Different sizes
  Curtains with extraordinary charm and suitable for use in home decoration, hotel, office room and...
  High quality raw materials produced with the most modern machines
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